Saucony Hurricane Launch Rep

A perfect morning for a nice, easy recovery run! I’m trying to be really disciplined on my recovery days and run at an 8 minute pace or even slower. This is hard for me as I find it much more comfortable to slip into a 7:30-7:45 pace. However, today my legs felt pretty trashed and I felt just fine right around the 8 minute pace.

Yesterday’s 5k was really small and my only goal was to go there and get a good workout not race. I figured if I could run a comfortable 6:30 pace I’d get exactly what I needed out of the run. It’s nice to go to a small race and run it as a workout and still be able to win it. ( :  I did a quick cool down, received my award, and rushed home in order to get everyone to church on time!

I was given the opportunity this year to represent Saucony as a Saucony Hurricane Launch Rep, so the rest of my day I will be visiting Dick’s Sporting Goods Stores in Lombard, Oswego, Yorkville, and Geneva to see how Saucony is doing! (I’m still homeschooling Leah and on days when I do store visits she comes with me and does her work in the car. One nice aspect of homeschooling!)

Then it’s back home to get the other kids from school, do homework, eat dinner, and get them to all their extra-curricular activities. Oh, yes, and my second workout of the day is a 90 minute P90X yoga dvd. Anyway, I don’t have any more time to waste on the computer this morning so I better get going. First stop, Starbucks…I need caffeine.

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