Track Day!

I woke up pretty tired today and it was really easy to want to procrastinate doing my morning run. However, knowing that today consists of a double run I knew I couldn’t wait too long to get my first run done and out of the way.

It was another gorgeous morning to run and the weather was perfect for getting on the track. I love track days! It’s a nice switch from the many miles I do on the prairie path and the roads. Iit’s always nice to be able to stretch my legs and run at a fast pace.

This mornings workout consisted of 90 minutes with 8 x 800s on the track. I can definitely tell that the last couple years I have been running mostly in marathon mode and my body still finds speed workouts a bit shocking. However, I must say the 800s this morning, felt better than the 800s I did last week, so, I feel that I am making progress and soon track workouts will feel more natural!

I finished homeschooling Leah, for the day, and my other kids are home from school. They have a couple of friends over, (aka my adopted/donated children) so our house is pretty busy at the moment. But, soon I will escape to the roads and once again regain my sanity with a 50 minute easy run!

My run…my play time.

2 thoughts on “Track Day!

  1. Suzanne – just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog posts! You make being a mom and a runner seem doable. I’m trying to train for my first marathon in September (bucket list before the big 4-0) and you always seem to inspire me to keep it up.

    • Thanks Kari! I run for Saucony and one of the things they want us to do is do a blog. I really wasn’t sure about starting one, because who really cares what I have to say!? Ha. But, it’s been fun and it’s always great to hear positive remarks. Keep me posted about your marathon training! What one are you doing? I am still in awe of anyone, no matter what they’re level of running, who attempts to run that distance. It is a huge accomplishment!

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