Crimson shades of tattered white, A moonless night yet all is bright.
An ordinary man who had a dream, of impossible things, or so it seemed.
A child bride, a mere servant girl, Carrying a baby that would change the world.
Two relatives startling an unborn son, Only to prove what had actually begun.
A cousin set apart to lead the King’s way, To turn back hearts that have gone astray.

An order to travel to one’s own town, A difficult journey with a belly so round.

They could stay in the stable or so they were told, Each innkeeper said all rooms had been sold.

Shepherds and wise man each brought a gift, To lay at His feet their sins He would lift.

The King of all kings was born in a manger, Humbled and quiet did his parents realize the danger?

A king afraid of losing reign, A baby born to carry the pain.

A spirit of death upon the earth, What man has come with second birth?

A Godly man holds The Christ, Warning Mary that there will be a price.

A prophetess sees God’s Salvation, and spreads the hope to a desperate nation.

A mother pondering all things in her heart, God’s son would bring joy, but first torn apart.

His life lived for only one reason, He’s why we celebrate this Easter season.

A baby born, to live to die, It’s tempting to ask the question why?

His story doesn’t stop at His birth, He died on the cross to give our lives worth.

But our story doesn’t end at His grave, He’s risen again our souls He can save.

So let us bow down our lives to give, We need to die to fully live.



Broken hearts torn apart.

Broken dreams, at least it seems.

Broken promise, once sealed by a kiss.

Broken home, now all alone.

Empty eyes, filled with lies.

Empty feeling, gone from stealing.

Empty touch, messed with too much.

Empty mind, now gone blind.

Hopeless romance, No second chance.

Hopeless smile, Only there for a while.

Hopeless hands, Folded to future plans.

Hopeless love, No more from above.

Dying soul, Split, not whole.

Dying child, Once was wild.

Dying man, no ring on his hand.

Dying wife, There’s no more life.

Hope to Reconcile…sit with Jesus for a while.

Hope to love again, If we put away every sin.

Hope to live, If all to Him we give.

Hope to rebuild…Only with Jesus your marriage fulfilled.


For any woman who has suffered the pain of losing a baby…

“And I declared that the dead, who had already died, are happier than the living, who are still alive.  But better than both is he who has not yet been, who has not seen the evil that is done under the sun.  Ecclesiastes 4:12

 Oh little one, so precious, so new

A life beginning, a body formed

 Hopes, dreams, laughter, joy

Thoughts of you to come

 Names, names, more names

What would you be called

 A baby room, a nursery

Pink, blue, we did not know

 Little fingers, little toes

Little diapers, little clothes

 Chubby legs, chubby arms

Kissable cheeks, kissable feet

 Brown eyes, blue eyes

Tall, short, fat, thin

 A writer, a poet

A runner, a gymnast

 A snuggle, a cuddle

Asleep, on my chest

 Baby lotion, baby powder

Soft skin to touch

 Fuzzy hair, no hair

Bald as can be, usually

 A story, a song

Rocking, in the chair

 A prayer, a verse

Holding you, near

 Good news, bad news

Oh, My precious little one

 A heartbeat, lost

Silence, so strong

 Dreams, shattered

Taken away, vanished

 Gone, no more

Taken, to soon

 Questions, no answers

Can it really be true

 Home, you belong

Not here, There

 In His arms

Waiting, for me

 To see, to look

Upon Your face

 Questions, answered

Only He could give

Someday, sometime

Only in His time

 Home, free

With You, I long to be


Grave Robber

Two bit dime, A tapless shoe dance

Sleezes, low lifes, but cool.

Sing a tune and let them echo your name.

Slam a beer, drag a cancer stick-

lick your thumb pour the salt;

suck down the watermelon shot.

Feels good – just for the night?

No! You’ll be here again –

you’ll never feel the comfort –

in fact, you’re a coward.

You wear other’s clothes,

And you wear other’s feelings;

Where are yours?

Oh – yours are lost –

No! You slowly drank them to numbness,

you cried wolf,

and the god of Justice

let the grave robber’s steal a fortune.

Has sickness, clouded your brain?

Does the cold of judgement hold you tight? – It Does!

Someday you’ll awake –

In the same clothes –

In the same bed –

In the same dream.

And all of them, all the casual drinks –

They will have cost you a lifetime,

left you with nothing…

The hangover will sting –

And gut rot will look straight through

your transparent overtures.

And laughter will be his.

The man you really loved –

who let you play the games

and let you sing the songs –

who let you dance the jig

right out his door.


“You play games and dance in celebration. All I do is stand beside, because you dance alone.”


I wear sunglasses – with mirror reflectors.

They reflect the impersonal world.

They use to reflect your face.

If you would only return – I promise, I’ll take them off.



Eyes open

Thoughts begin

Let go


Back today


Struggle in silence

Don’t let anyone in


Just keep going


Everything’s fine


Rises again


If only they knew


One last time











You told me you’d forgive me

No matter what I’ve done

You said you knew who I used to be

And what I could become

I shared with you my deepest thoughts

And spoke with brutal honesty

My darkest plans and hidden plots

And what I did in secrecy

My body trembled as I wept

Ashamed to have you look at me

Now so many darkened nights I hadn’t slept

In fear you’d find the unmasked me.




























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