“When Our World is Shaking…Heaven Stands” Update on Baby Lydia

“I have unanswered prayers, I have trouble I wish wasn’t there, And I have asked a thousand ways, That you would take my pain away. I am trying to understand, How to walk this weary land, Make straight the paths that crooked lie, Oh Lord, before these feet of mine. When my world is shaking, heaven stands, When my heart is breaking I never leave your hands…”

Jena, my sister, was R.E.A.D.Y. to have her baby! So, when the Doctors decided that they would induce her on Wednesday, July 25th she (we) couldn’t be more excited. We already knew she was having a girl. In fact, Jena and Andrew had already picked out the perfect name for her, Lydia Grace. Now all that was left to do, was for Jena to HAVE the baby so we could finally meet her face to face.

I actually had left on Monday evening to take my kids to our cabin in Wisconsin. I figured, Jena would have Lydia sometime on Wednesday and be in the hospital until Friday, surrounded by enough family who wanted to see and hold the baby. So, I decided it would be better for me to wait until she was home and then take my kids to her house to introduce them to their new cousin. My plans were pretty much cemented when Andrew sent me the first couple pictures of Lydia, telling us that “All was well!” I couldn’t wait to meet this sweet, little, precious bundle of joy!

And then the storm hit. What should have been two very peaceful days in the hospital, for Andrew and Jena, snuggling and bonding with their newborn daughter, turned into a tailspin of horrifying news and events.

The nurse came into the room to get Lydia in order to check her vitals and give her a bath. She was suppose to be gone for approximately one hour. She was gone for a lot longer than 60 minutes and they were left in the dark for quite a while as to what was happening with their baby. It was so hard for them to get answers. And, when they finally received information they were told that Lydia was experiencing Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension.

On Thursday evening, Lydia went into surgery to have a breathing tube inserted. Thankfully, the surgery went well and she was put on a ventilator. However, unbeknownst, to Andrew and Jena, Lydia struggled throughout the night. On Friday, she was taken off the original ventilator and put on a new one. It was set to provide her with 100% oxygen. Without the machines Lydia would not have been able to survive. However, she wasn’t responding well and was in very critical condition. The Doctor decided it was time to transfer her to Children’s Memorial Hospital.

As of today, Lydia is in stable condition. Her heart rate, which went up to 218, is at 118 and they have been able to decrease the oxygen from 100% to 22% this morning. That is good news. She is definitely not “out of the woods” yet but is in a better place both, physically and hospital-wise, for which we are thankful!

Jena and Andrew have a better understanding after being at Children’s and are in a much better state of mind.  They have told Jena and encouraged her to touch Lydia. She will be able to hold her, hopefully later today! Jena texted my mom yesterday and said, “Remember, we have a direct line to the Blessed Controller of all things!”  It has been overwhelming and amazing to see the out-pouring of prayer concerning Lydia. We are so glad that we believe in a God who hears our prayers and meets us where we are.  The last two days have been full of non-stop prayer. I hope that not only in our “valleys” but also on the “summits” we “pour out our heart like water to the Lord.” It reminds me of the song “Cry out to Jesus,” by Third Day.

“There is hope for the helpless, Rest for the weary, Love for the broken heart, There is grace and forgiveness, Mercy and healing, He’ll meet you wherever you are, Cry out to Jesus, Cry out to Jesus”

Lastly, what came as a surprise to us was never a surprise to our Heavenly Father. Life, in this situation, as it often times does, did not play out how we expected. What was a total shock and turn of events for us did not take Christ off guard. He was and is in control. He knew exactly what Lydia would face and is still facing. He knew that we would be balancing between life and death, releasing and placing Lydia in His ever-faithful hands. What a privilege it is to know that He was and is in control of this situation, trusting that He is a good God and He does NOT change. No matter the outcome of any situation He remains good. And our response in good times and in bad times should be…

Oh Praise Him, Oh Praise Him, He is Holy”

2 thoughts on ““When Our World is Shaking…Heaven Stands” Update on Baby Lydia

  1. Oh Suzanne – I’m so sorry to hear this 😦 I teared up reading the pos -t both from the sadness my heart felt for what your family was going through but also how from AMAZING your faith is. HE is always faithful – sending prayers your way xoxo

    • Dorothy, thanks for the comment! He is always faithful! Lydia is doing so much better although she will probably be at Children’s for another 10 days. There are so many sick infants/children there that it’s heartbreaking. I’m just so thankful we have Christ to turn to during difficult times!

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