I Had a Bad Day and the Clock Don’t Lie…

Thanks Daniel Powter for the inspiration.

I don’t particularly care for your song or having bad days!! If I didn’t write a post saying I was running the Shamrock Shuffle, I very well may have stepped off the course this morning and walked away with a DNF.  However, I hate quitting and the feeling it leaves in my stomach, so I figured I’d rather set a new PR in running my slowest 8k ever than finish with a big, fat DNF.

Within the first quarter mile I learned that I was definitely not recovered from the 20k trail race I ran last Saturday. By the time I was ½ a mile into the race, I knew that I was going to have to back off and settle for a good effort tempo run instead of racing. It’s hard to swallow my pride and let runners pass me that I could normally beat, but today I had to do just that.

Thankfully, my Dick Pond/Fast Track teammates (sponsored by Saucony), Shannon Ring, Meg Sullivan, and Columba Montes , ran very well. Congrats, especially to Meg, who Pr’d today!! We are all awaiting team results and are hoping we placed in the top 5! This year’s field was really, really competitive!

Things I learned today…One; while it’s a good idea to get a good night’s sleep before a race, it might not be a good idea to take a sleeping pill the night before a race.  Maybe there are some better ideas for Insomnia?  I’ve dealt with it for as long as I can remember. Two; I need to change my training and start adding speed work. I’m excited to be working with a new coach, Carla Hastert, who will be giving me a new training schedule this week. Three; I need to start strength training again, and four; I need to suck it up and run fast. Oh, and number five;  training tip of the day…to the guy at the race with the backpack containing smokes, give that up and I’ll bet you will run faster! ( ;

Marlboros and Running

 So how did everyone else do?

Sleeping Soundly

I just left my dad with six sleeping kids (my four and two of their friends). When my kids were little they liked to watch me race, now that they’re older they think it’s boring.  I too, have learned it’s easier to leave them sleeping  than hassle with waking them up and dragging them along. Of course, when I come home, they always ask how I did, so I guess they’re still a little interested in what I do!

This morning I’m running the Shamrock Shuffle 8k in Chicago. 40,000 people are registered to run this race! Crazy!? I really don’t have any expectations today. I’m going to run my best simply to find out where I am and what kind of training I have in front of me.  I’m actually expecting a painful race, one that shocks my body into remembering what it feels like to run hard. (I haven’t done much speed work since the marathon). What will I be thinking this morning? “It’s not suppose to feel EASY!!”

Results to follow…